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The JAC AND site and brand were created in close collaboration with a talented crew of creatives. With thanks to:

Richie Meldrum
Web Development
Coco and Maximilian
Stephen Grace
Gavin Green
Lauren Bamford
Poppy Buntz
Jill Haapaniemi
Pier Carthew
Becca Crawford
Cristina Guerrero
Willem-Dirk du Toit
Nat Turnbull

Plus a few extra special people who have supported us through this transition and more — Jo Hook, Michael Cairns, Sara Hayat, Dom Platz, Patrick Ryan, Fuchsia Saulwick and Julie Doyle.

And of course, we are always grateful for our community. Being surrounded by excellent peers, suppliers and clients makes us want to do great things.

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Capturing a feeling

Capturing a feeling

When creating the new JAC AND website (the one you're on right now) we found ourselves in a similar position to many of our clients. We wanted to communicate who we are without depending on client work. To convey the feeling of our process, rather than rely purely on our outcomes.

Cue COCO and MAXIMILIAN. We've long admired the talented duo for their distinct ability to be abstract yet clear at the same time. Their response to our brief conveys tone through documenting day-to-day moments in the studio, providing us with an important marketing piece that's purely about us — not the work, clients, peers or suppliers. Just us.

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Every brand we create at JAC AND is led by strategy. We place particular importance on developing a compelling narrative, with strong character. We like our clients to know who they are, to communicate it clearly to their potential clients and customers in turn.

In consumer decision-making, proof of concept and outcomes are important. Process, approach and personality-fit shouldn't be forgotten though. To connect with audiences emotively, these things should be demonstrated with subtlety and self-awareness — and executed meticulously.

For the most part, people make choices based on emotion and gut instinct.

There's no one-size-fits-all all model when it comes to communicating who you are (rather than what you do), it's achieved through a series of careful decisions — brand alignments, affiliations and partnerships, tone of voice, campaigns and creative endeavours. Things that should be backed by research, analysis and/or strategy. Armed with knowledge, you can make your marketing efforts more meaningful, impactful and enjoyable.

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