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The story of Gestalt is a refreshing departure from the status quo. It began when Melbourne-based property developer Kyle Reeve left his career working for the established industry players to forge a new path. The idea was to create a property development company that was everything the others weren’t — a brand and a business centred around quality, credibility and authenticity. He approached JAC AND to help build the story from the ground up.

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Print Design
Digital Design
Copywriting: Letterform
Website build: Sam Morgan
Photography: Gavin Green
Photography: Kristoffer Paulsen
Photography: Henry Trumble
Video: Jack Younger
Illustration: Oscar Grønner
Production: Work Works

It started with a conversation.

Early on in the project, we spent time with Kyle discussing the business model, mapping out the landscape, identifying brands to collaborate with and locking down the positioning and principles upon which all decisions, including choosing the name (a German word meaning an organised whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts) would be made.

“JAC AND helped extract what we were thinking and reconfigure it in such a beautiful and concise manner. The end result was a strategy for the brand that, when you read it, you are just like ‘yes, that’s what I was trying to say.”

— Kyle Reeve, Gestalt.

The central organising idea.

During the strategy phase, authenticity emerged as a core tenet of the brand. In stark contrast to industry norms, a real commitment to being open, honest and transparent existed naturally within the values of Gestalt. This was reflected in the decisions and actions of the business — adopting sustainable practices, partnering with like minded collaborators and pushing for quality before profit.

“I wanted to create projects that I could drive past 20 years from now, and be proud to tell my kids that I played a part in that.”

Brand structure and architecture.

A key component of the strategy was the unique relationship between the Gestalt parent brand and the individual property projects it creates and sells. The approach of the majority of operators is to distance themselves from their own developments, choosing instead to create stand-alone brands for each property project. With Gestalt, the projects all sit under the main brand. This leads to more consistency, streamlined marketing and increased brand equity.

The projects are born from the Gestalt brand - the Gestalt brand is shaped by the projects.

A tone for all occasions.

The brand needed to connect with a variety of different audiences, including investors, first-time homebuyers, capital partners, and other brands. This called for balance in the identity — a design system that was structured yet adaptable, fluid but concise. While the name, logo, and primary typeface create a sense of strength and professionalism, the photography, palette and subtle animations bring in warmth and personality. Flexing the design to dial up or down these contrasting elements within different touch points, enables the brand to create the right tone and mood to speak to different audiences in different situations.

The path less peddled.

It takes a lot to go against the grain, but doing things differently can be a huge advantage when the intentions are right. The authenticity of the Gestalt brand built a sense of trust with audiences. It opened doors and opportunities to work with highly regarded brands and expert operators in the space, establishing a distinctive presence and platform for the business to grow.

"The brand really resonates with people. A lot of the feedback is that there is a sense of trust there, which is really hard to create, so it’s definitely working."

Folio shots by Gavin Green. Typography by Grilli Type.

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